GVSU Do Something Guide 2012

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As a resident assistant, relevant and interesting programming is a must. That said, most colleges catalog events and resources in a guide for new students to easily keep with them to offer advice and provide contact information for many of their related departments. The attached GVSU Do Something Guide 2012 is a rich, detailed resource that is relevant to freshmen-seniors and written by college students for college students. The guide is self-explanatory and will definitely assist new students with answering their questions, prompt critical thinking, and understanding new concepts they may not have considered/realized were relevant. Page 7 outlines my personal advice to new students.

Mario Adkins is a senior at Grand Valley State University (GVSU).When not drawing or playing his favorite video games, he can be found on campus facilitating programs and events as both a resident assistant and vice president of membership for GVSU’s OΔK Circle–a national leadership honor society. Follow him on Twitter @zerolocked.


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