RA Administrative Work

The entry RA = Resource Accessible outlined the resources most students can expect to get from their RA. However, various types of administrative work must be completed to allow new student access to their living areas and to ensure those areas reach maximum functionality. The five main tasks below are critical to achieving housing setup completion–done by RAs for new students.

Housing Condition Summaries (HCS)

Housing condition summaries are single sheets of papers that are subdivided by rooms (bedrooms, bathroom, kitchenettes, etc) and list specific items in those rooms to be defined as good, damaged, or not applicable/present. This allows the college facilities department to gauge what work needs to be done and gives new students the opportunity to keep on record any prior damages (and gauge new damages after their move out!) Though facilities rely on the HCS to fix any damages prior to student move in. The paperwork is detailed and each room requires an individual HCS, so taking time to fill these out by RAs assist in making sure all rooms/areas are adequately ready for new students.

Key Repairs/Replacement

Electronic key cards and brass keys are expected to be in excellent condition by the housing department of Grand Valley State University. Electronic keys allow students access to their building while brass keys allow access to their rooms. Replacing damaged keys, lock changes and pin number resets for the electronic key cards are just a few reason why RAs deal so heavily with keys and why this site is named after them. Also for duty and maintenance work, RAs have access to a master key that opens the door to every door on their floor–so trust is key when completing this type of administrative work.

Bullion Boards

Bullion Boards are the single most important aspect of a college dorm floor. This is because various resources are placed here; from programming info to other departments that could benefit the student. Many student come to college with many questions and the bullion board can instantly answer them. It can also give students new information they never considered was important and/or relevant. A single contact number or post on a bullion board can save a student confusion, time, money, and maybe even their life.

Door Decs

Door decorations, better known as ‘door decs’ are the ultimate welcome for new students just moving onto campus. It lets them know they were thought about and anticipated within the dorms. Most door decs follow a ‘floor theme’ and really create an atmosphere for the dorm. These must be created for an entire floor and could be the most time an RA spends on anything! (Not really, though it DOES take awhile)

Post Move-In Administrative Work

Even after new students move-in there are still a variety of administrative tasks that may need to be completed. An example are indecent reports, which must be filled out timely, accurately and honestly. Additionally, pre/post program (event) evaluations are another piece of the administrative puzzle that must be completed. This behind-the-scene work is critical (and mandatory) for an RA to have finished–or else there would be no scene.

Mario Adkins is a senior at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). When not drawing or playing his favorite video games, he can be found on campus facilitating programs and events as both a resident assistant and vice president of membership for GVSU’s OΔK Circle–a national leadership honor society. Follow him on Twitter @zerolocked.


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