zerolocked – The Keys of An RA is  a collection of constructive advice, information and strategies for new college students to excel throughout their academic and social lives during college. Keys are designed to allow certain accesses, and in this case I want to give new students any and every key they could need and help them use the keys that they already own. After this students will have no obstacle in their way and will know there were zero locked accomplishments out their reach ~

What content can you expect:

Top 5 List

These list will help rank different things from resume building items to the best way to purchase text books. They will be based off my experiences and practical, statistical experiences.


College is all about discovery and building new skill sets, so these post will focus on how to accomplish constructive tasks (cooking, time management, budgeting, etc.)  with a focus on a college student doing them.

Academic/Social Updates  

These will range from the differences between “There, Their & They’re” and how to use them correctly (to ace those essays) to social update ranging from technology to college Greek life.

Photos/Music/Video Games

Photos from events, music request and video game reviews will also be posted via their corresponding page on the main page.


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  2. Pingback: RA Administrative Work | zerolocked

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